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2009 Game: Lunacy

Robot Name: Mojo


Lunacy is played on a rectangular field that is 54′ by 27′. This field is a material called ‘Glasliner FRP’ and is referred to as ‘Regolith’. The regolith is designed so that the robots, which have special mandated wheels that they cannot modify in any way, shape or form, have reduced traction, mimicking the effect of low gravity that would be seen by a robot driving on the moon.


Moon Rocks (Orange and Purple) 120 available 2 pts each
Empty Cells (Orange and Blue) Up to 8 2 pts each
Super Cells (Green and Purple) Up to 8 15 pts each

Total score for the alliance is the total number of points scored by placing Moon Rocks, Empty Cells and Super Cells in the trailers of all of the robots of the opposing alliance, less any deductions for penalties.

Game Play

The goal of the game is to score as many of the game pieces in the opposing side’s trailers as possible. Robots start out in front of the opposite alliances’ human players. There is a 15 second autonomous period, during which robots operate according to programs that teams download to their robot, and a 2 minute Teleoperated period, where robots are driven and controlled by a human drive subteam at one end of the field. Empty cells (also worth 2 points) must be handed to a robot by the “payload specialist” at the mid-field position known as the “outpost”. The robot must deliver the Empty Cell to their human player on one of the corners in order to get a Super Cell that is worth 15 points. A robot can only carry one Empty Cell at a time. Super Cells can only be put into play during the last 20 seconds of play, and only if the human player has been delivered an Empty Cell.