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2012 Game: Rebound Rumble

Robot Name: Ollie-Oop

Match Periods

In Rebound Rumble, each match is 135 seconds long, and consists of 3 periods.

  • Hybrid – first 15 seconds. Code on the robots is remotely activated, and robots may react to sensor inputs and commands programmed into the robot’s onboard control system, or a member of the team can use the Kinect Sensor to send commands to a robot remotely. The robot attempts to score baskets to earn extra points.
  • Teleoperated – 105 seconds, starting after the Autonomous Period. Humans using a console drive their robots around the field, trying to score points by shooting game pieces into an of their team’s baskets.
  • End-game – final 15 seconds. At fifteen seconds to the end, teams try to navigate their robots onto their team’s colored bridge and score points by balancing 1, 2, or 3 robots on it. Alternatively, both alliances can try to balance two robots (one red and one blue) on the central ‘Coopertition’ bridge to earn Coopertition Points.


The field is a carpeted area 27 feet by 54 feet designed to resemble a basketball court. Either side has a driver station and an array of basketball hoops. There is one low hoop, two middle hoops, and one high hoop. Across the narrow dimension of the field a 4 inch high wall, along which are placed three tilting bridges at a height of 12 inches. The bridges at the edges are color-coded for each alliance, and the center bridge, called the Coopertition bridge, is available for both alliances.


The following is how many points baskets are worth during Hybrid and Teleop phases.

Hoop Hybrid Teleop
Bottom Row 4 Points 1 Points
Middle Row 5 Points 2 Points
Top Row 6 Points 3 Points