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2014 Game: Aerial Assist

Robot Name: Jiminy-Flik-It

Match Periods

In Aerial Assist, each match is 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, and consists of 2 periods.

  • Autonomous – first 10 seconds. Code on the robots is remotely activated, and robots may react to sensor inputs and commands programmed into the robot’s onboard control system. The robot tries to score a ball into a high or low goal and move forward into it’s colored alliance zone.
  • Teleoperated – 2 min, 20 sec, starting after the Autonomous Period. Humans remotely control their robots to try to earn points by scoring the ball in a goal (high or low), shoot it and catching it over the truss, and passing the ball to their alliance teamates down the field. To score passing points a robot must pass the ball to another robot in a different colored zone or take the ball into a different colored zone to their partner and pass it to them there (In other words, robots cannot pass the ball in only one colored part of the field; it has to move to different parts).


The FIELD for AERIAL ASSIST is a 24 ft. 8 in. x 54 ft. carpeted area, bounded by and including the GUARDRAILS, ALLIANCE WALLS, and rear faces of the LOW GOALS. The FIELD floor is covered with carpet. Two HIGH GOALS are located at each end of the FIELD above the ALLIANCE WALLS. Two LOW GOALS are located in the corners next to each ALLIANCE WALL. A TRUSS bisects and spans the width of the FIELD. There is retro-reflective tape areas on both of the high goals. In Auton, teams can use cameras on their robots to detect when one of these is lit up (called: “hot”). It will stay lit/”hot” for 5 seconds (which one is lit being determined randomly).


The following is how points are scored during the autonomous period.

Ball in low goal 6 Points 11 Points if “hot”
Ball in high goal 4 Points 20 Points if “hot”
Robot moves to alliance zone 6 Points

The following is how points are scored during teleoperated mode.

Ball in low goal 1 Point with 1 assist 11 Points with 2 assists 31 Points with 3 assists
Ball in high goal 10 Points with 1 assist 20 Points with 2 assists 40 Points with 3 assists
Ball over the truss 10 Points
Catch ball from over the truss 10 Points