Team History

The team’s roots began early with FIRST in 1993 when Dean Kamen visited P&G in Cincinnati regarding sponsorship and teams. Teams were started by P&G at Walnut Hills High School and Aiken High School. Both teams competed in the 1994 and 1995 seasons. After the 1995 season, the Aiken High School team disbanded. The Walnut Hills High School team continued and had many successful seasons until the team relocated to Northwest High School. Here the team was assigned FRC Team number 144. The team enhanced partnerships and fostered many additional partners in the four years of competition at the school. The team had very successful seasons with student learning being the focus.

In 2002 the team moved yet again to Lakota East High School and was unable to keep its number and was given its new/current number, 1038. The team had many successful seasons working within the school, but still struggled to gain the much needed school support that many other teams gain. In 2011, the team lost its space within the school and was “homeless” for about 8 months until landing at the Forest Fair Village Mall. There, the team was able to expand their outreach efforts, mechanical capabilities, community recruitment, and transform from being just a team to a Program.

Regaining the support of Lakota, we relocated and downsized to the old Lakota Enrollment Center, with the hope of raising enough funds to purchase our own dedicated space so we can expand once again and further our community outreach. Having student members from multiple different schools around the region, we are working to develop new partnerships to ensure a thriving bright future for the program.

Past Competitions

2018 Game: FIRST Power Up

2018 Game: FIRST Power Up Check out this game reveal video! Robot Name: Power Up Paul George (P-UPG) Field FIRST Power Up is played on a 27 ft (823 cm) by 54 ft (1646 cm) field that is covered
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2017 Game: FIRST Steamworks

2017 Game: FIRST Steamworks Robot Name: Double Trouble Dan In Loving Memory of Dan Deganis (March 13, 1963 – February 8, 2017)     Field FIRST Steamworks is played on a field 27ft (823cm) by
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2016 Game: FIRST Stronghold

2016 Game: FIRST Stronghold Robot Name: Robinhood Field The playing field is divided into red and blue alliance sections, separated by a neutral zone that contains boulders. Each section contains a courtyard, an area for
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2015 Game: Recycle Rush

2015 Game: Recycle Rush Robot Name: Relicycle Game Overview RECYCLE RUSH is a recycling-themed game designed for the 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). It is played by two Alliances of three Teams each. Alliances compete
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2014 Game: Aerial Assist

2014 Game: Aerial Assist Robot Name: Jiminy-Flik-It Match Periods In Aerial Assist, each match is 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, and consists of 2 periods. Autonomous – first 10 seconds. Code on the robots is remotely
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2013 Game: Ultimate Ascent

2013 Game: Ultimate Ascent Robot Name: Flying Saunders Field Ultimate Ascent is played on a 27′ x 54′ field. There are two pyramids placed in the center of each half of the field. There are
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2012 Game: Rebound Rumble

2012 Game: Rebound Rumble Robot Name: Ollie-Oop Match Periods In Rebound Rumble, each match is 135 seconds long, and consists of 3 periods. Hybrid – first 15 seconds. Code on the robots is remotely activated, and robots
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2011 Game: Logo Motion

2011 Game: Logo Motion Robot Name: Douggernaut Match Periods In Logo Motion, each match is 135 seconds long, and consists of 3 periods. Autonomous – first 15 seconds. Code on the robots is remotely activated, and robots
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2010 Game: Breakaway

2010 Game: Breakaway Robot Name: Brand Kannon Game Play Robots play Breakaway on a 27 by 54-foot rectangular field known as the field. The field is bordered by a set of guardrails and alliance walls.
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2009 Game: Lunacy

2009 Game: Lunacy Robot Name: Mojo Field Lunacy is played on a rectangular field that is 54′ by 27′. This field is a material called ‘Glasliner FRP’ and is referred to as ‘Regolith’. The regolith
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